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Shahrukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

Turns ons
Rain, lips, bhuttas, video games, computers, books, panties.

Turns offs
Liars, early mornings and the heat.

Car in school
A Maruti van.

Car now
A bright red Pajero.

Favorite TV show
It used to be Krishi Darshan but now I love everything on the Discovery channel.

On what occasions do you lie
when I don’t want to break someone’s heart

Memorable moments
The day I won my first Filmfare trophy.

Philosophy of life
Even if you’re not hungry, just be greedy.

On a blind date you’d go out with
Madeleine Stowe.

Secret ambition
To be like Don Juan de Marcos.

If you were a burglar you’d steal
I’d like to be Santa Claus and break into homes so I could leave something behind.

You’d like to be reborn as
Chewbecca. Eat, wag your tail, roam around, that’s life. And, of course, I’ll live in Shah Rukh Khan’s house.

People who cramp my space.

Favourite night activity
Doing several things simultaneously - reading, playing with the computer, making love.

Favourite drink
Pepsi Cola

Terrified of
Somebody cutting off my arms. I use them so much.

Recurring dream
I never dream.

Favourite book
The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Vegetable you resemble most

One role you’d give your eye and teeth for
James Bond or Batman.

- Filmfare