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About Me

    Hi!!! People My name is Rick "Pinkesh". I am 14 years old and live in Maryland. My hobbies are to play football, & basketball. I used to be a fan of Indian Movies, & Acteresses.  I don't keep up with it as much right now but I am still a fan of Indian Movies and etc...   My favorite Indian movie is any movie that has Kajol in it.    I dunno what to say really so... I guess that's It.

/\/\/\My Top Hunz/\/\/\
Or Chickz

  •    Don't worry you wont know her!!!!

  • I barrely even do. This one is not a chick
    The rest of them migh be...
  • Jennifer Lopez
  •   Britney Spears
  •    Mya \ Maya 
  •    Alley Bagget


    Personal Quote:

        "Some people make the world special of others just by being in it"
        "When you have love somebody, then life is worth living, ...and when you think you don't have love one day, you never know what the next day will bring..."

    This is all dedicated to my girl... who I think about 24/7... wakeup by thinking about her... going to sleep by thinking about her... and only reason I live is because of her....

    Well I guess that's about it,  but please visit this site again,
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