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What's new in Bollywood

Now this is what we call fan power. While women all across the Hindi film-watching community cannot stop talking about his body, looks, muscles and etc...We did not know Hirtik at first before the release of Kha Na Pyar Hai!. Hrithik got an unexpected call from was Govinda, who requested Hirtik to attend his daughter, Narmada's birthday party. Guest were waiting for him but Narmada wouldn't cut the cake till "my Hrithik" came for the party! Hrithik, who at the Mission of Vinod Chopra, Kashmir at the moment, and had a busty Scheudal. Little Narmada was pretty adament abourt her farmaish, after all: no Hrithik, no cake.
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We all know that Sunil Shetty has a keen sense for business. So when he decided to join the W3 bandwagon, it came as no big surprise. Yes, the macho Shetty is the first star to take the plunge and plans to get into e-commerce in a big way. And all you Net-savvy people will agree that it's about time too. With portals springing up like there's no tomorrow it is only the best that will survive. And since Sunil gives everything his all, we're sure he'll not only survive but also manage to garner moolah in a big way. As for his website, we'll keep you posted on that one. Watch this space.

Now, Raveena, Don’t be Silly: This bit of news from Bollywood is really interesting. The Shahar Ki Ladki Raveena Tandon is reportedly miffed with the intense and talented heroine of Fire and 1947 Earth, Nandita Das. The reason of Raveena’s fury is the dashing Indian cricketer Ajay Jadeja is getting closer to Nandita. Grapevine has it that Raveena feels Nandita is hell-bent on snatching away her “good friend” Ajay. Now, whatever put that idea into Raveena's head? Ajay and Nandita, both being recently chosen as "ambassadors of disability" by the National Center for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People, were seeing “too much” of each other! But, why is Raveena making so much fuss about such a trivial thing? Come on Ravs! Grow up.

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Madhuri & Kajol are the film Industry Kajol is going to be back in a movie Dilon Di Dhadkan. She is only going to act with her husband Ajay Devgan. Kajol has gained some weight after her marriage but if she doesn't loose it she will be rejected from the film, & Kajol hopes she can loose it by going to the Gym of Mumbai. Madhuri has been married to a surgeon in California and she is going to come back to make her film Dhak Dhak. There have been rumors going around saying Madhuri got a plastic surgery which is not true.


Mann Makes 66.5 Lakhs RS.

Salman To Be a Director in the feature

Karisma with a broken finger in the film Biwi No. 1

Aishawaria The Princess

Did a shooting in Toronto's Skydome for Taal, Aishawrya Rai came backhome tired and sick. With the success of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam behind her and Taal on the way, this princess is headed in the right direction. With her nice body and looks.