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Yes, I would recommend this book to others because it is short, and not only that but it tells a lot about science and about how the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The book also had illustrated the detail's of the telephone. This book does not only talk about Alexander Graham Bell it also talks about other people such as Philip Ris, Joseph Henry and many Others


Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He moved from Edinburgh to United States in 1871. In United States he began teaching deaf people, publicizing the system called visible speech, he learned how the lips, tongue, and throat are used in the body of sound. In 1872, Bell founded a school to train teachers of the deaf, which made him teach at Boston University. In 1874, while working on a multiple telegraph, Bell got interested in the telephone. He worked on the telephone with his assistant Thomas Watson and the telephone was finally made in 1876. His experiments with his assistant Thomas Watson finally proved successful in 1876. Alexander named his company the "Bell Telephone Company" it was opened in 1877. Alexander was also known for other sound inventions. His second invention was the photophone. Photophone transmitted speech by the light rays, it was also used to measure acuteness of hearing; the induction balance, used to locate metal objects in human bodies.



The author of the book was Richard Tames. Richard Tames wrote the book "Alexander Graham Bell" in New York in 1990. He works for a company called "Franklin Watts" they have wrote many books with his help. His four greatest books were "Anne Frank" "Helen Keller" "Mother Teresa" & "Marie Curie." As you can realize, he only writes Biography.

Richard Tames & Franklin Watts Company wrote the following list of books:

How Is It Related To Science?
What did You learn From It?

I think this book is related to science because it had many science tools for example Telegraph, Tetrahedral & Diaphragm. It also showed how electricity with sound worked with the machines, it compared the old technology with the new technology. This book is titled "Alexander Graham Bell" but it also has the people who helped him with how he made the telephone with clear connection.

By:  Pinkesh Bhavsar
MR. Jones
Science B5